Bed of Roses

By all means, let the bedbugs bite.

And the cacti, the hyacinths, and the oversize dahlias.

Mother Earth’s creatures have never looked as good as they do on Bonjour of Switzerland’s linens. Made of 300-thread-count cotton Jacquard and sateen, they come in an array of florals so gosh-darn pretty you’re likely to sleep with your eyes open (okay, maybe not). Patterns are available big and bold or subtle and demure, to match every personality. Nature-haters should opt for the solids collection, a Pantone-spanning array of blues, greens, reds, and neutrals.

Everything is custom-made with attention to detail (buttons, zippers, piping) rarely seen in the one-size-fits-all bedding industry. Which means you’ll be even more excited to hit the sack.

No matter what company you’re keeping between the sheets.

Available online at bonswit.com.