... Where the Sun Don't Shine

Current research reveals that rain isn’t actually the work of Satan.

But try telling that to anyone whose hair, makeup, or outfit has ever been wilted by it.

Despite desperate efforts to find a reliable weather report or anchorperson, no one has yet found a way to predict or stop the meteorological phenomenon. One should always carry protection.

The wise choice? Deborah Lewis’s umbrellas. A far cry from the ho-hum I-got-laid-off-and-all-I-have-to-show-for-it-is-this-crappy-umbrella models, the glamorous fashion accessories not only shield your ensemble but complete it. Made from waterproof silk and sturdy rosewood, they’re durable, too. Pick up one of these babies and you just might find yourself looking forward to the next rainfall.

Or at least not cursing the Devil for it.

Available online at deborahlewissf.com.