All That Glitters

Once upon a time, there was a precious metal called gold. And beautiful as it was, it was too often taken to rather unfortunate extremes.

The glam strands of the disco era? Too flashy. The heavy chains of many a rapper’s delight? Too bulky. Flirty gold hoops? Johnny Depp wore them better.

But Zoë Chicco has struck gold. Her fall jewelry collection is a new chapter in gold’s twisty tale. Signature pieces include an arc-shaped pendant with a single, tiny diamond; a double-fingered ring; flattened teardrop earrings; and a super-long chain (which can be worn as a necklace or a bracelet). Chicco, who studied metalsmithing at Skidmore and in Italy, has mastered other materials, too, as evidenced by her colorful gem pendants, lightning-bolt necklaces, and long, single-strand silver earrings. With so many choices, you’re sure to live happily ever after.

At least for now.

Available online at zoechicco.com.