The Wine Is Mine

Ah, re-gifting. A random Merlot here, a cheap Chianti there … The unopened wine bottles seem to travel from one house to another like a door-to-door salesman, overstaying his welcome.

Why perpetuate the ceaseless re-gifting of fermented grape juice when you can give away your very own? That’s right: your own branded bottle of wine.

Canvas Wines has a selection of high-quality wines from Napa Valley that you can order and adorn with a label you’ve designed yourself — for giveaways, theme parties, or just to stock as your house special. It’s like having a personal winery without the grape picking, the move to Napa, or the whole pesky estate thing.

If everyone had a signature wine, we could finally put an end to the ridiculous recycling, the mishmash, the dusty old bottles. And who knows? By drinking better wine, maybe we could avoid all those hangovers.

Now, now. Let’s not get carried away.

Available online at canvaswines.com.