Hot off the Press

Yesterday, during a heated cocktail-party debate over the most influential figure in Western history, your erudite blind date nominated Johannes Gutenberg.

“Well, I loved him in Cocoon,” you drawled condescendingly, “but I hardly think that puts him the same league as Bill Shakespeare or Manny Kant.”

Whoops. Okay, so what you know about printing could fit on the head of a typewriter key. Get thee to sugarpaper.com, and start filling yourself in. The stationery company, run by two cute-as-a-button graphic designers in L.A., has the prettiest little Website you’ve ever seen. There you can get acquainted with the excellent wares, as well as the process by which they’re produced: authentically printed, personalized letterpress stationery, letterpressed on an antique press, with metal type. Imagine your name stamped in elegant letters onto satisfyingly heavyweight cards, stationery sheets, and envelopes, using inks in deliciously modern colors and selected from a dazzling array of patterns. Or, if you’re sweet on the lovely custom invitations and business cards, call the girls for a personal consultation.

The site also sells great cards and prepackaged paper goods made by other companies, including stylish greetings from Egg Press and Little Tree Press, as well as witty to-do list notepads from Knock Knock.

Looks like sugarpaper.com is just the thing to get you through the holiday season.

And perhaps your next cocktail party, as well.

Available online at sugarpaper.com.