The Princess Diaries

When you were little, your preferred alias was:

a. Ugo, the Flying Lizard of Doom.
b. Samantha Swain, Private Eye by Day, Exotic Dancer by Night.
c. Cinderella.

If you answered c., Wendy Rachel’s jewelry is just the thing for you. The collection of pendant necklaces, shimmery bracelets, and delicate jeweled earrings in pale shades of purple, blue, and pink is absolutely lousy with girliness. Dazzle Prince Charming with a pair of peridot or amethyst hoops or a shiny coral necklace. Make a regal entrance wearing a string of pearls with rose or lemon quartz. There’s even a piece with your name on it: The Pastel Princess bracelet looks like a cross between candy and those flowery numbers you used to love. For the modern-day princess, there’s the Bracelet of Hope, a pink Swarovski strand, created to heighten breast-cancer awareness (a portion of the proceeds goes to breast-cancer foundations).

You’ll look every bit the princess. Because childhood alter-egos rear their pretty little heads every time.

Which may be bad news for those who chose a. or b.

Available online at wendyrachel.com.