A Good Rap

SAT verbal question #5,080 (and you thought you were done with this stuff):

At 5:30 p.m., the field was illuminated by a ___________ light.

a. ulotrichous
b. crepuscular
c. saponaceous
d. what the f*$#?

Your scores may not matter anymore, but ain’t it a shame how all those rigorously studied vocab words went in one ear and out the other?

Feed your ears something that might actually stick this time. Flocabulary.com creates hip-hop songs from difficult words to maximize the listener’s retention. How? The tunes are remarkably catchy, so the rhymes stay in your head. (Music, it turns out, can help language acquisition.)

Each track comes with printed lyrics and the definitions of all the words, which center around a theme: In “Flux,” you learn the meanings of vicissitude, physiognomy, and Zeitgeist. Our current favorite is “Phobia,” which begins, “I’m agoraphobic: scared of open spaces/Claustrophobic: scared of confined spaces/So I’m doubly screwed, know what I mean, dude?”

You’ll laugh. You’ll learn. You’ll use bigger words.

That’s already more than you ever got out of that Princeton Review course.

Available online at flocabulary.com.