Lee-tle Darlings

It’s the little things that count. Coffee served at the perfect temperature. A good hair day. Showing up just in time to avoid a parking ticket.

Trouble is, you never know when such pick-me-ups will occur.

For little things you can count on, turn to jeweler Hovey Lee. Her tiny tourmalines, cute carnelians, pint-size peridots, and other gems that dangle from lariats, cluster atop wooden pendants, and sparkle on silver and gold chains make a statement — not for their size but for their unusual cuts (stones stacked to look like leaves, gems arranged like petals), unexpected color combos (carnelian with pale aquamarine, coral and blue chrysocolla), and surprising materials (wood, Venetian glass).

And the prices are remarkably affordable. Meaning you can brighten your day without wreaking serious havoc on your bank account.

Thank heaven for small miracles.

Available at Artist-Xchange, 3169 16th Street, between Guerrero and Valencia Streets (415-864-1490). To see styles or order online, go to hoveylee.com.