Growing Pains

You cruelly overwatered the tulips. Your tomatoes look like something out of a sci-fi movie. And your best friend confiscated your pruning shears after she saw what you did to the ficus.

Your weed garden, however, is coming along splendidly.

That’s okay. You don’t need a green thumb when you have Potting Shed Creations, a company dedicated to making work in the garden like a walk in the park. These environmentally friendly folks create individually packaged projects, allowing you to tackle one area at a time.

Plant a ginkgo or tulip tree with the Trees-to-Be option. Scatter Gardens take the effort out of creating perfectly designed flower beds. Newbies can work indoors with Garden Makers.

You, however, should probably start with a WindowSill Garden, which has everything to grow a heart-shaped box of herbs.

Think of it as a fun new way to kill some thyme.

Available online at pottingshedcreations.com.