Kitchen Confidential

Back in the ’70s, Mother’s little helper was a tiny yellow tablet. As the Stones said, “It helps her on her way, gets her through her busy day.”

Today, chemical dependency is, alas, frowned upon. Hopefully, these gadgets will help take the edge off.

You spend one minute a day cutting the crust off the kids’ PB&J’s? That’s six hours a year. Get your hands on a Good Bites Crustless Sandwich Cutter. In two seconds flat, the genius gizmo removes the crust, seals edges, and slices the sandwich.

You find Cheerios in every crevice of the house. Put an end to the mess with Snack-Trap, a gee-whiz cup and lid that lets little hands get to the goods without spilling them all over.

Would you want someone blowing on your noodles? Mikey doesn’t like it either. So save your breath and invest in the Mac & Cool Quick Cooling Dish. Just put hot food on the frozen plate; the meal begins cooling instantly but doesn’t get diluted.

There. A few things to keep your child from being a little pill.

And to stop you from taking one.