Font of Information

Before computers took over the world, you could count on handwriting to tell you about a person.

There’s the loopy yet charming scrawl (“I went to private school”). The back-slanted cursive (“I’m a right-brainer”). The smiley face “i” dotter (“Hi, I’m Tiffani!”). And, of course, Dad’s infamously illegible chicken scratch (“I’m individualistic and emotionally inscrutable”).

Fontifier.com aims to bring back the days when people judged each other by their scribblings. The genius site turns your writing into a computer font. Simply print the template, fill it out (carefully, people — this is the tricky part), scan, and upload.

You can preview the font before paying for it, to ensure it’s an accurate representation of your hand. Then, for a mere nine bucks, your ultra-personalized type is yours to install and use on everything from letterhead to the great American novel.

Maybe you should keep Dad away from this one.

Available online at fontifier.com.