'Tis Better to Give ...

It’s only 8 p.m. and you’ve almost conquered your to-do’s: Avert work crises. Dump hobeau. Transform bushy brows into sleek arches.

All that’s left is to buy your sister’s birthday present. And rid the world of evildoers.

How to manage both before The O.C. starts?

Check out Goods that Give, an online shop selling high-quality stuff made by socially conscious companies. Offerings include gourmet foods, kids’ clothes, bath products, and home furnishings.

Sis will love a box of Cookie Good-ies or A Green Gift, a charming cedar crate that includes soy candles and glycerin soap. The sweets come from Immaculate Baking Company; the soap from The Enterprising Kitchen, a nonprofit devoted to providing employment and life-skill training to women in need.

So there you go. Saving the world.

One gift basket at a time.

Available online at goodsthatgive.com.