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Mama Was a Rolling Stone

Seems like it was a mere six months ago that you were rocking low-rise jeans and backless tanks.

Wait, it was just six months ago.

But now your burgeoning belly has turned you into a billowing-baby-doll-dress-wearer.

To combat the fashion funk imposed by this otherwise beautiful, profound time, Unbuttoned Maternity has introduced Rock Me Mama T-shirts, concert tees constructed from vintage cotton jersey with the requisite asymmetrical sleeves. Adjustable ties in the back and a wide hem at the bottom will do you right, even in your third trimester.

The shirts are plastered with everyone’s favorite rock logos — AC/DC, the Ramones, Blondie, even the infamous Rolling Stones tongue — so you’ll look as cool as ever. Because being knocked up should never mean sacrificing your rock ‘n’ roll style.

Though you’ll probably want to give up the drugs and booze for a while.

Available online at unbuttonedmaternity.com.