Nice to Meat You

Americans like big things.

Big cars, big boobs, big cuts of meat.

But where’s all that excess gotten us? Nowhere very good.

Portion control is the answer. Start with Tinymeat.com, a website chock-full of compact items. Start slimming down with the selection of super-thin wallets. Just large enough to hold an ID, some bills, and four cards, the vinyl numbers feature colorful graphic designs, such as argyle, stripes, or cheeky caricatures.

The iPod cases feature similar motifs but are made unique by their “squeeze and release” mechanism. And the wristbands are outlined in contrasting stitching and bear mean words such as “numbskull,” “dipstick,” “candyass,” and “nincompoop.”

Because Americans also have big mouths. And that’s not likely to change anytime soon.

Available online at tinymeat.com.