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How to make the perfect Halloween costumes. The joy of cupcakes. The co-sleeping controversy.

Been there. Read all about that.

If you’re ready to go beyond traditional parenting magazines (if you were ever there to begin with) and delve into something truly useful, funny, poignant, and well-written, then score a copy of Brain, Child: the Magazine for Thinking Mothers.

The publication is crammed with essays, reviews, and sassy sections (like “Back Talk”) from contributors like you. (Okay, so Alice Hoffman and Barbara Kingsolver might not be just  like you, but they’re some of the very real parents who contribute to the consistently smart, nonjudgmental quarterly.)

Brain, Child covers everything from adoption and lactivism to competition (kids’ and your own) and that perennial fave, infertility. Through it all, it affirms that, yes, it’s okay to parent a million different ways.

Each issue’s like a coffee klatch, with answers to your burning questions — Will I screw up my kid if I do X? Does everyone else scream as much as I do? — served with a hefty dose of humor and humanity.

Your kid’s going to blame you for everything no matter what you do. How nice to be reminded that you’re not the only one.

Available online at brainchildmag.com or 888-30-4MOMS.