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Crave of the Future

Helping old ladies cross the street, nursing dying birds back to health, volunteering at the local soup kitchen.

All in a day’s work.

But feeding ice cream to diabetic children? That’s one you may have forgotten to check off your to-do list. Unless, of course, you’re Dr. Michael Singer. When his young patients complained that they couldn’t eat the stuff, the San Antonio-based specialist launched Dolce Futuro ice cream, a wonder dessert that offers the sweetness of your typical scoop without the excessive sugar.

Go nutty over the creamy Butter Pecan Abandon (with real pecan pieces!), give in to Chocolate Surrender, and stock up on colorful cartons of Vanilla Bean Embrace, Java Elation, and Chocolate Almond Crush.

Because it’s low in calories, you can carry on with your do-gooder ways and help those who can’t finish their cartons.

Just a little food for thought.

Available online at dolcefood.com.