Popular Science

A heart-shaped box of assorted chocolates and dinner at a restaurant with 30,000 other couples is the norm.

Which is exactly why you and your sweetheart are up for something a little different this Valentine’s Day. So why not experiment a little with a Wild Sweets science kit? Designed by a husband-and-wife team of molecular gastronomists, it can be described only as a multisensory chocolate experience in a more-sophisticated-than-9 1/2 Weeks way.

Based on the science and psychology of taste, the kit includes four experiments to prove how things like texture, temperature, and aroma affect your enjoyment of dessert. Except for a few basic grocery items, everything you need for the tests is included, along with a DVD demo and a recipe booklet outlining wine pairings.

Feel free to invite a few friends to play: The kit serves up to eight mouths.

Which, depending on your mood, could be way more fun than a jar of chocolate body paint.

Available online at dcduby.com.