Grin and Bear It

Paddington, Rupert, Winnie the Pooh: everyone loves a cuddly little bear.

Now there’s Juicy Bear Tees, a new range of T-shirts from Australia that are as snuggly as any furry friend you share your bed/life/list of people you fancy with. These Egyptian cotton tops are soft, fitted and easy to layer — a cross between the thick Gap classic and the thinner, clingier versions from the likes of C&C California, Three Dots or Velvet.

Styles include a cap/elbow-sleeve and scoop-neck tank in heavenly shades like jade, plum, sage and salmon. And they’re nice and long, which means they cover a) unsightly G-strings and b) any lumps, bumps, or stretch marks you may wish to hide. In other words, they offer plenty of give.

Which is more than can be said for a balding stuffed animal that, frankly, does nothing but take.

Available at Austique, 330 Kings Road, SW3 (020 7376 4555 or austique.co.uk). To see styles, go to juicybeartees.com.au.