On a Wing and a Prayer

You’re busy. For you, every minute counts.

And here’s what you could achieve in about seven of them:

1. Shave your legs/beard (or both).

2. Scan one page of a broadsheet newspaper.

3. Stuff fourteen and a half envelopes.

4. Order and receive one takeaway coffee (allow a further four minutes if you have complicated issues with milk/fat/caffeine).

5. Have refreshingly brief sex.

6. Cancel two dinner dates. Make three.

7. Hire a team of the infamous Ibiza Angels to your office/private party/member’s club/yacht to give you and your colleagues/guests/fellow ravers a heavenly head, neck and shoulder Ibiza Angels Chill massage to invigorate and revive.

The time will fly by.

But it won’t be you who’s counting.

Ibiza Angels (0844 800 0013 or ibizaangels.com).