Message in a Bottlenote

Are you okay? You’re never on IM anymore. Haven’t seen you since way back on Friendster.

What’s that you say? You’ve been busy hitting the bottle?

Ohhhh, Bottlenotes. The new site that claims to work like Netflix for wine, right? Where you search and learn about all about reds, whites, and everything in between while building your own “personal taste profile”?

No wonder you haven’t left the house: Bottlenotes has been delivering cases to your door. You’ve been holed up inside, testing out the Explorers (beginner) and Connoisseurs (advanced) Club picks and posting your ratings online. And all the while Bottlenotes has been keeping track of your likes and dislikes, and sending you customized vino recommendations.

Not to mention the fact that you’ve probably made friends with all sorts of people who are nuts for pinots, cabs, and the like. (Some of whom can put you in touch with collectors and winemakers.) We see how it is. Out with the old, in with the new.

But remember what one wise wino once said.

Only two things improve with age: wine and friends.

Available online at bottlenotes.com.