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Rebellious Youth

Kids these days. They’ve got some big attitude problems.

Maybe it’s because their parents insist on dressing them like sentimental zoologists. (You know — cutesy ducks, elephants, and giraffes.)

Let Junior rock an alterna-vintage aesthetic (to mirror his fledgling indie spirit) with something from Claude, an L.A.-based label that reworks vintage clothing into baby and toddler wear.

Like Prince concert tees stitched up with numbered jerseys for boys and rocker tees cut with flutter sleeves and cashmere for girls. Or sweaters printed with dragon logos, camo peace sign tanks, and — our favorite — pin-striped wool pants strung with a metal chain-and-skull print.

Because they’re made of recycled materials, the clothes are both one-of-a-kind and ecoconscious.

The gang at the sandbox will be so impressed, they might just follow your little rebel home.

So they can hang in his crib.

Available online at lalaling.com.