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Cookie’s Fortune

Used to be, you’d chain a briefcase to your wrist if it contained a million unmarked bills or, say, a sex tape you were planning to destroy (for a friend, of course).

Nowadays, a million’s not that  much. And you can’t remember the last time you saw a tape of any sort, let alone a scandalous one.

But the moment a box from B & G Cookie Company arrives at your door, you’ll want to break out the old lock and links.

Instead of basic black, B & G opted to pack their scrumptious goodies — the Classic chocolate chip, the Blonde, and the Haute Chocolate brownies — in sophisticated brown valises. Designed with travel in mind, The Overnighter holds six, The Long Weekend gives you a dozen, and The Getaway has a whopping eighteen. The Cross Country (two dozen) and To the Moon (three dozen) arrive in multiple cases so your stash’s not all in one place.

Which means you might want to make sure you’ve got enough chain to lock them all up.

Just remember not to throw away the key.

Available online at bandgcookiecompany.com.