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Batter Up

Pro bakers may make it look easy.

But that Magnolia cupcake recipe you attempted never even made it to the table (though your kitchen walls enjoyed it prodigiously). And the Betty Crocker from a box tasted, well, like a box.

So next time the occasion calls for something sweet, call Caroline Reutter. The baker served her first seven-layer caramel cake to much acclaim 23 years ago (some say it’s the world’s best) and hasn’t left the kitchen since.

Sink your teeth into the Chocolate Coconut Delight, a sumptuous four-layer number with coconut and chocolate fudge; or the Montana Gold, a chocolate cake with caramel icing. Got something else in mind? She also bakes for special occasions (birthdays, theme parties) and weddings.

Throw in gourmet snacks like Vermont cheddar, double-dipped chocolate pecans, and Carolina plantation peanuts from Caroline’s pantry, and you’ll be partying like a pro.

An area where you always take the cake.

Available online at carolinescakes.com.