Hang On, There …

Have you ever wished your walls could talk?

A Doisneau poster? Freshman year’s over, honey. And back away from the trendoid wallpaper. Every cheap slab of Sheetrock’s wearing it.

On second thought.

If you really want your walls to make a statement, adorn them with Serious Gnome’s unusual wall decorations. Made by hand and finished with nine layers of brightly colored coating, the plaques come in a variety of cheery forms sure to silence all complaints.

Our favorites are the flowers — zinnias, clovers, peonies, and roses in hues varying from powdery lavender and blue to punchy orange and red. Shiny apples, faceted gems, and foreshortened stars make for a poppy decor; a skull in baby pink sends a wonderfully mixed message.

Hang a couple to accent other wall art or get a grouping. Rest assured, visitors will be speechless with delight.

As will, thankfully, your walls.

Available online at seriousgnome.com.

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