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Lesson #1: These days, seems like every product for kids is designed to get them into Harvard by age 8. But as legendary educator Dr. Maria Montessori knew, the little buggers learn best through play.

So toss the lessons and pick up Kid O toys. Made primarily in Europe, many of the items are designed according to Montessori principles, which encourage math, science, and language development.

The Infant Box with Tray introduces the concept of object permanence to the 7- and 8-months-old set. Preschoolers will love Montessori Algebraic Trinomial Cube — a multicolored block that indirectly sets kids on the road to knowing three-dimensional proportionality (yes, really). And should you want to instill respect for belongings and cleanliness (who doesn’t?), a soft broom and pan will make housework deceptively fun.

The wooden works all stimulate the five senses. Whether the kids are primed for greatness almost doesn’t matter.

After all, they’ll be having a really good time.

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