Take a Wack

As Nancy Reagan astutely pointed out, that which is wack should be vehemently refused.

Unless it’s Shari Wacks jewelry. In that case, it should be enthusiastically embraced.

Made for layering, the collection is designed to help you author your own “color story.” What does that mean? Well, by combining different styles, lengths, and hues, each wearer expresses her own personality. (And, of course, buys more jewelry.)

Feeling cosmic? Try a charm necklace dotted with jade stars on top of a quartz toggle necklace dripping with shiny gems. Seeking balance? Go with one of the symmetrical designs with gold circles and dangling star- or leaf-shaped stones. Mix and match the look with Wacks’s line of earrings, and you’ve got a complete look — one that’s highly fashionable yet deeply individual.

Even Mrs. Reagan would have to just say yes.

To see styles, go to shariwacks.com. To order, e-mail info@shariwacks.com.