Chew on This

The multitaskers of yore had it so easy. Walking and chewing gum at the same time? Please. Kids today do more of that before 9 a.m. than their elders did all day.

Here’s a real challenge, then: chewing gum and smelling great all over. Impossible, you say? Not for the Japanese, who have invented a gum designed to freshen your whole body as it freshens your breath.

It’s all simple enough. Just pop a stick of Fuwarinka’s fresh citrus or fruity rose gum into your mouth. Masticate. (You might even try a little walking.) About an hour later, notice a marvelous aroma and wonder who in the world could smell so terrific. Realize it is you. Rejoice.

How does it work? According to its manufacturer, the scents are transmitted through your skin by mysterious substances called geraniol and linalool.

There’s also a version for men: Otokokaoru rose menthol. But don’t get your hopes up.

They’re still working on getting their socks in the hamper while watching ESPN.

Available online at compactimpact.com.