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Fuhrman Things Up

There are certain things you wish you didn’t know about. The taste of an In-n-Out double double. The luxury of a weeklong stay at the Hotel du Cap. What it sounds like when Britney Spears belches.

Something to add to the list: Randy Fuhrman’s brownies.

Don’t know about those yet? That’s probably because you’ve never been invited to one of the Los Angeles event planner’s hoity-toity parties. (Sorry.)

Thankfully (for the lips, not the hips) he’s making them available to us common folk via his website. The recipe for the rich, gooey treats is a secret, but we’re betting not a single calorie has been spared.

Don’t let that stop you. Order up a one-and-a-half-pound box of Mandarin Chocolate, Cool Mint, Macadamia Coconut Rum Banana, White Chocolate Raspberry, or a combo of all four. They arrive in adorable packaging of a Chinese takeout box wrapped in a bow.

Giving them a few extra brownie points.

Available online at randyfuhrmanevents.com.