Medium Rare

No offense, but to call your place humble would be an insult to humble abodes everywhere.

A piece of hand-me-down here and a sprinkle of Salvation Army there do not a happy home make — unless you spruce it up with something from Rare Device. The Brooklyn boutique (whose name is a shout-out to the pleasure dome described in Coleridge’s Kubla Kahn) has put its jazzy inventory up for grabs online.

Inspire awe with a cluster of Serious Gnome wall hangings in shapes like skulls, apples, and clovers. Serve oolong from a Bee House teapot. Stop being wasteful and make morning coffee in a pretty ceramic French press for one. Spruce up lounging spots with a set of Clare Nicolson’s Dolly Bird pillows. Bring the focal point of a room to a silk-screened mobile. And impress dinner guests with Lena Corwin melamine plates.

The selection really is rare (in both aesthetic and number), so check it out pronto for wares that are beautiful, inventive, and truly unique.

Definitely better than what you’d end up with if left to your own devices.

Available online at raredevice.net.