Picture Perfect

If a picture speaks a thousand words, how long will the story of one photograph be after it’s transformed into a pencil sketch, a watercolor, a filmstrip, a caricature, and an oil painting?

That’s a question for you to ponder while perusing Photofiddle, a virtual artist’s studio (of sorts) that lets you manipulate images online and order them as gallery art for your naked walls.

All you have to do is upload a photo to the site. Then choose your medium (pastel, charcoal, pencil), genre (expressionism, pop art, abstract), or novelty (caricature, comic book panel, stained glass).

Your transformed photograph can be printed as a poster, stretched on canvas, framed in various sizes, and delivered with white gloves (so as not to damage the delicacy of your masterpiece).

Giving you the option to wow mom, please your boyfriend, amaze your friends, and impress yourself.

In other words, a guaranteed storybook ending.

Available online at photofiddle.com.