Roll Credits

It’s hard being you. So fabulous. So envied. Finally, some recognition for the superstar you are.

You: the Movie

Don’t forget to thank the folks at Hindsight Media during your Oscar speech.

The Cambridge-based company believes that everybody has a story to tell. Producer Bill Parker and biographer Richard Belin start by interviewing the extras (Aunt Em, Joe from work, Annie down the street). They then rifle through home movies, documents, and photographs, which all go into the video. Add background music, a brilliant script, and bingo: a first-class film.

Need a historical biopic to celebrate Dad’s 70th? A video diary about the not-so-secret elopement? Whatever the subject, Hindsight captures it with humor, warmth, and high definition.

The takeaway? Learning about your clan’s well-kept secrets. (Mom once jumped on stage and sang back up for The Supremes!?)

But back to you.

Did those trusty moviemakers finally prove that you really are one of the Hapsburgs?

You’ll just have to watch the movie to find out.

Hindsight Media, 166 Lexington Avenue, Cambridge (617-491-0377 or hindsightmedia.net).