Fighting Temptation

So many things to lust for in life. From the definite no-no’s (your BFF’s BF) to the you-should-know-betters (dessert after dinner at Fat Matt’s).

So let’s hear an amen for Covet, a line that puts your design desires right out there. Natural fabrics like organic cotton yarn and soybean blends satisfy the eco-obsessed; body-conscious cuts preclude anyone from pairing pieces with those eerily popular rubber clogs. (Take it or leave it, Decatur Square, we didn’t know it was possible, either.)

At the top of the lust list: a twisted cotton dress with a draped shape and keen attention to detail. The printed cotton hoodies rock pretty profoundly, too. (After all, who doesn’t need another socially aware graphic tee?)

If that weren’t enough, the line’s theme — redemption — urges you to check your shopping remorse at the door.

Feel free to give a hallelujah to that.

Available at Veruca, 814 Juniper Street, Midtown (404-815-9977). To see styles, go to covetthis.com.