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Family Planning

Whoever said the breakdown of family in America is about sociopolitical issues has clearly never tried to change a diaper while schlepping a ’tween to lacrosse, unpacking groceries, and preparing a client pitch.

Breakdown? At least they got that part right.

But before you dial the family shrink, log onto Cozi Central — a just launched, totally free web tool made for busier-than-busy parents. The software (which was written by ex-Microsoft whizzes) is a mini command central for the fam.

It’s got communally visible calendars for every member of the family (yes, babies, too), plus centralized shopping lists that can be accessed on your PC, by text, or verbally via cell phone (from, say, the peanut butter section of aisle thirteen). No more scheduling meetings. No more double bookings. No more forgetting to pick up the milk.

Cozi also lets you delegate tasks to other family members and send them calendar updates by e-mail or text.

Well, then. The perfect family may just be possible after all.

Remotely possible, that is.

Available online at cozi.com.