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Lord knows, patience is pretty hard to come by when you’re a kid. Waiting for a birthday? Murder. The countdown to Christmas? Pure agony.

So make the buildup a little more bearable (and maybe even fun) with personalized invites and announcements from Peekaboo Pumpkin.

Low in cost but high in adorability, sweet without being saccharine, the designs (from births to baptisms) are customizable with infinite choices (from red checkered ladybug borders to chocolate and pink argyle). This year’s best look for holiday party invites: green and red toile. (Fa la la la la!)

And unlike so many custom-made cards, you can order as few as twenty. So you won’t be forced to drop a bundle on cards you’ll never use.

The personalizing happens at lightning speed — just enter your info and approve the card. The order will be printed and shipped within one day. Which means your button-cute cards will be getting to you about right now.

Alas, the same can’t be done for the Big Day itself.

Available online at peekaboopumpkin.com.