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Wild About Cluny

This being autumn and this being New York, you’ve been hearing from a lot of people (ahem)  about amazing! hot! new! restaurants.

So let’s make this easy.

Cafe Cluny is perfect.

The new West Village corner resto (just down the road from the Corner Bistro) is the latest from Lynn Wagenknecht, Judi Wong, and Steven Abramowitz — the team behind The Odeon and Cafe Luxembourg. These guys are used to running Manhattan dining institutions, and they’ve done it again.

Cluny hits all the right ingredients. It’s charming — from the cozy entrance and bar to the rear dining room, all awash in warm creams and amber light. It’s interesting — from the bird dioramas and bathroom wallpaper to the portraits of Graydon, Ian, Diane, et al., sketched by a Central Park artist. And it’s delicious, from beet salad with figs and goat cheese to duck confit with Brussels sprouts, short ribs with foie gras, and roasted chicken.

Don’t try to eat it all at once.

After all, you’ll be back.

Cafe Cluny, 284 West 12th Street, at West 4th Street (212-255-6900).

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284 W 12th St
@ W 4th St
New York, NY 10014