Wheels of Fortune

Once upon a time, fuzzy dice and faux fur covers were all it took to keep the streets talking. But these days? You need something extra special to make that ride look like something other than a clunker. (Yeah, we know. It’s a classic.)

Satisfy your drive-by urges and take Blik’s new auto decals out for a spin. The latest in a line of quirky graphic designer-created stick-ons, they cover flat, everyday surfaces (in this case, your passenger door) and yield quick, dramatic results.

Get perspective via the trippy Circle Ops. Go hippie with the Flower Power stickers, rear window butterflies, and back-panel tulip designs. Or keep it Zen: The open dialogue bubble can take you from power ballad-belting euphoria to full-on road rage quicker than you could raise the finger.

Take those for a ride around the block, and you’ll inspire as much imagination as envy.

And put your driving force on display.

Available at Lee Bryan Interior Design, 826 Juniper Street, Midtown (404-817-3313); online at whatisblik.com

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