Helping Holidays

Right about now, you’re thinking about giving — and getting away from it all. Why not do both? Volunteer on your next vacation, and you’ll see the world — and leave it a better place.

Depending where you go, you’ll need shots and visas. You pick up all fees (program, air fare), but they’re usually tax deductible (unlike Aspen). Length of stay is flexible, and there’s a trip for every personality.

Hard-Core Helpers
You scaled the Andes and swam the Strait of Gibraltar. You’re ready for anything. Global Service Corps has sustainable agriculture and HIV prevention projects in Tanzania and Buddhist immersion programs in Thailand, where you’ll live in a temple with monks.

Spoiled, Not Brats
You’re a room-service type with a big heart. Habitat for Humanity needs volunteers in Hawaii and the Gulf Coast. Short-term is okay; hot showers at day’s end encouraged.

Tree Huggers
The environment is going to pot, and you’re going to fix it with a little help from I-to-I, which leads eco-minded projects from Ecuador to Malaysia.

A people person like yourself will want to help impoverished orphans in Peru. You’ll paint dorm rooms and teach arts, crafts, and job skills. Globe Aware will make it happen.

You want a view while you work (it is a holiday), so head to Laos where you’ll teach English and computer skills and help a people still recovering from the Vietnam War.

Now that’s the spirit.

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