Get Shirty

The corporate shirt: stiff, uncompromising and usually found stuffed with a podgy futures trader from Essex.

Not a great prospect.

Kate Starkey Couture shirts are designed for women who like to dress, undress or merely address a room full of people in style. They’re cut extra long to tuck into hipsters, with mother-of-pearl buttons positioned just so for acceptably risqué cleavage and a subtle monogram on the cuff.

Choose from Ava (classic collar and flowing sleeve), Rita (contrasting yoke, Milan collar and cuffs, optional coloured buttonhole stitching), Vivian, Veronica or Grace — all made to measure from £145. Simply call and a consultant will arrive at your desk/doorstep with 500 high-quality silks and classic cottons for you to pick from. Your shirt will be delivered about a month later.

Could be a good short-term investment for some long-lasting assets.

Kate Starkey Couture (020 7100 1330 or katestarkeycouture.com).