You Got Nailed

You always nail it. Whether it’s a speech, an outfit, or a date, you’re pretty much a sure thing.

So what’s with your fingernails? Week after week of Soul Mate or Linkin Park After Dark?

Time to seriously mix it up. With some cute nail decals. (Really.) Get your nails polished any color, then affix the stickers or crystals.

Cue the mood for love with gold-plated double hearts. Exert your power with dried flowers. Indulge his Asian fetish with Tokyo Pop decals like lanterns, fans, and cats. Or go all out with rhinestones in a bevy of shapes (stars, snowflakes, hearts, and teardrops) and colors (red, aqua, royal, clear, fuchsia, green, periwinkle, lavender, and orange).

Those other manicured fingers will be black (literally) with envy.

Because, once again, you’ve hit the nail on the head.

Available online at footcandy.com.