Food & Drink

Dazed and Confuzzled

It’s not enough these days to be just one thing.

You have to be an actress/humanitarian aid worker or a talk show host/designer.

Kind of like multitasker Lisa Banjany, the mom/teacher/baker behind Confuzzled, a line of delectable desserts.

A twist on the average cookie, the rectangular creations have a cracker base; a milk, white, or dark chocolate middle; and a sprinkles, coconut, or toffee topping. For something festive, order white chocolate with rainbow sprinkles or dark chocolate with coconut.

Of course, a basic milk chocolate and toffee treat is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser.

Which would allow you to define yourself as an all-inclusive entertainer.

Available by phone order (718-984-2119) or e-mail info@confuzzledcookies.com. To see flavors, go to confuzzledcookies.com.