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Knork It Over

If it were up to you, you’d wrap yourself in pizza and eat your way out.

But since there’s a little thing called manners, settle for a Knork instead.

Inventor Mike Miller thought of the idea while eating pizza with his buddies. It dawned on him how to solve the problem of eating a pepperoni pie politely: Integrate a fork with the functionality of a knife. The result looks like a traditional fork but has beveled, rounded edges that work as a knife when using a rocking motion over grub.

Don’t worry, Miller won’t make you feel like you’re paying for his brilliance. A four-pack set of stainless steel Knorks costs less than $20, and a 24-pack of disposable plastic ones is just two bucks.

Though you’re certainly not going to cut through a penny or a shoe (hello, ’90s infomercials), the Knork is just right for things like waffles, pasta, and pizza.

Just remember: Elbows off the table.

Available online at knork.net.