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Brownie Points

We like big butts, and we cannot lie.

We also like small, crunchy butts — we can’t deny.

No, we’re not rapping about badonkadonks. We’re singing the played-out karaoke song praises of Mary Louise Butters’s sweet and tasty Brownie Butts. Made fresh in Austin, Texas, the chocolatey chunks are made from the edges, the most coveted part of every batch. 

The treats come in tons of flavors like Jane (classic chocolate and walnut), Sane Jane (no nuts), Aphrodite (with a hint of rose essence), Zen (fresh and crystallized ginger thrown in), Aztec God (spiked with chile), Peace (pecans and cranberries), and Kona Buzz (hazelnuts and coffee beans), so you can mix-a-lot (ha). Of course, you can also order them in their typical shape if you like them square and big.

Either way, you can kiss these Butts.

Available online at buttersbrownies.com.