Sandal Would

Like Billy Joel, you go to extremes. For you, it’s PBS or I Love New York marathons, caviar or McDonald’s, martinis or cans of Natty Light.

Get some much needed balance with new Madison Harding sandals, the perfect halfway mark between your Louboutins and Havaianas.

Retro flavor and spring-has-sprung colors like canary yellow, ruby red, and raindrop blue give these sexy heels a lift. Styles range from open-toe stitched canvas and braided cork and wood wedges to metallic flats and candy-sweet crochet stilettos — all of which flatter your gams like nobody’s biz.

Plus, the creators named the company for their very different roots: Madison, as in avenue, and Harding, as in a little New Jersey street.

So that should appeal to the need for extremes.

Perfect for an uptown/downtown girl like you.

Available online at shopbop.com or