School Musical

There you are, on your knees, strumming a surefire hit on your electric guitar.

It’s a pity you’re miming in the shower.

Instead, unlock your inner rock star with Key to Music. Run by Diana de Cabarrus (lead singer/guitarist for new band Candythief) and James Hannay (guitar musician), the service teaches pop and rock repertoire to beginners and amateurs of all ages.

For from £35 an hour, a qualified rock instructor will come to your home (within central London) to teach you how to play the drums, electric or acoustic guitar, keyboard, piano or electric bass — all of which can be borrowed or hired from recommended suppliers. Rock vocal instruction is also on offer.

You’ll learn songs by the likes of Kaiser Chiefs, The White Stripes and Coldplay; should you want to play in your own band, Key to Music holds regular jam sessions and workshops for all students.

Who knows? You might strum at Wembley one day.

And get showered with praise instead of water.

Key to Music (07932 725025 or
keytomusic.co.uk). For information on Candythief, go to myspace.com/candythief.