Go Dutch

Of all the Dutch appliances you might find yourself submerged in, a Dutch oven is real low on the list.

But a Dutchtub? You’ll want to jump right in.

A modern take on the hot tub, each one is handmade from polyester, has a stainless steel heating system, and comfortably accommodates four peeps.

Setup is simple: Put the lightweight tub anywhere you like outdoors. Fill it with water by sticking a hose through the plug. Put some wood in the attached burner and light a fire. Throw on the cover for speedy heating.

Choose from a variety of spunky colors like ocean green, orange, dark gray, and pigeon blue. Or go all out and customize your own. Such extravagance is going to cost you ($6,000 big ones — ouch), but if you don’t have the cash, simply rent one for your next shindig. 

Keep guests happy with drinks (holders keep bevvies cold) and roast corn, hotdogs, and marshmallows over the wood fire.

Which sure beats the smell of that Dutch oven.

Available online at dutchtub.com.