Private Parts

Your parents strutted around naked, barged in while you were on the john, and read every last juicy detail of your diary.

No wonder privacy is your religion.

Which is why the patterned window film by UK designer Emma Jeffs will soon adorn your inner sanctum. The white, textured, adhesive panels can be attached to any glass surface to obscure views from peeping toms.

With motifs of geometric shapes and flowers, the designs complement anything from the kitchen to the living room. If your style is more sleek, try the Orba pattern with simple rows of circles. For something a little frilly, the flower and lace number can spice up the boudoir. Other varieties like the Adelphi make your windows look like antique relics from the Victorian era.

It’s an easy way to keep prying types — like Mom and Dad — out of your business.

Until they figure out how to hack into your e-mail. 

Available online at puremodern.com.

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