ReFormula One

Etiquette rule No. 213: No object received as a present shall then be rewrapped in fanciful paper and passed on to another in the form of a gift .*

*If said received gift can be restructured beyond the original giver’s recognition, you’re so in the clear.

For further explanation, see ReFormSchoolRules.com. The L.A. reduce, reuse, recycle lifestyle shop is full of reinvented goods, and they’ve just launched online.

Find thrift store china reborn as Esther Derkx Improved Crockery and repurposed seat belts woven into a Ting hammock; hemp and reclaimed textiles take pillow shape thanks to Maxine Sutton.

They’ve got first incarnation products, too, like ecoaware books; Jorg & Olif bikes; original artwork by young talents like Alyson Fox and Savanna Snow; and tees created as part of the Student of the Month screen-printing project, currently featuring Camilla Engman and Ryan Jacob Smith.

But don’t worry: Under no circumstance will they bend on their organic and sustainable principles.

Hey, not all rules are made to be broken.

Available online at reformschoolrules.com.