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Easy Sliders

There’s no use in sugarcoating it: Your lousy genes are keeping junior from becoming the next Wayne Gretzky.

You can continue blaming your family’s unchangeable history (or love of your front teeth, irrational fear of ice, and any other excuse). Or you could set the next generation on a new path to sports glory with a pair of FunSlides.

These ingenious one-size-fits-all carpet skates fit right over their sneakers and give them the same sliding ability they’d have if they were wearing socks on a greased-up hardwood floor. Just ease their shoes into the foot grip and adjust the strap. Once they start moving on the friction-resistant plastic base, they’ll look like regular pros.

The slides are made for ages 6 and up, so you could have a championship skater on your hands yet. And you could still take all the genetic credit.

Though you’d be on thin ice.

Available online at funslides.com.