Food & Drink

The Sipping Point

Sure, you kinda expect your kid to be less than enthusiastic about eating unagi. But when a glass of milk elicits the same response? Oh, you’ve got a huge problem.

Sipahh milk flavoring straws offer a solution. Each tiny miracle is filled with flavored UniBeads (in chocolate, banana, strawberry, and even cookies and cream) that completely change the taste of cold milk.

Place one into a regular eight-ounce glass, take a sip, and rest easy: The great taste lasts until the milk’s all gone. Which means even the finickiest kids get all the calcium and vitamin D their diets need.

For picky taste buds, we recommend sticking with a one-flavor pack. But for more adventurous sorts, a variety pack will do nicely.

Just be prepared for a fit or two should your supply happen to run out.

Available online at mybrandsinc.com.