Satisfraction Guaranteed

This summer, will you be taking the jet to Ibiza, the yacht to St. Trop or the heli to Glastonbury?

Before you dismiss such a question as absurd/obnoxious, consider that with fractional ownership (the latest craze in Luxuryville), you can do all three for considerably less than the usual cost.

So you haven’t won the lottery, but should you, Fractional Life is a website worth knowing about.

The site offers a cluster of well-respected fractional ownership brokers for those who like to share. Be it a helicopter, racehorse, villa or PJ, it’s yours for a certain number of hours, days or weeks, without the grey hair-inducing concerns about maintenance, insurance or depreciation.

Should such toys be a little out of your price range, you have two options: console yourself with the fact that being rich is incredibly expensive.

Or do what the really rich do and grab a free ride on someone else’s.

Available online at fractionallife.com.